As we carry on going more in-depth with our 3 Route Structure, we introduce the Brown Route – International University Entrance.


This Route follows on from the Blue Route – a topic we discussed previously. The Brown Route talks to an International University entrance qualification and was specifically designed for students who wish to study overseas. This route is a little bit more flexible than the Blue Route and the Green Route (The Green Route will be discussed in dept next week).


In the Brown Route, students are required to do anything between 3 and 4 A level subjects. It is important to note that students need to consult with the university they are planning to go to in order to find out how many A level subjects and what A level subjects they will be required to do. These subjects all depend of the faculty and course and so they will differ from faculty to faculty.


Therefore, the Brown Route does require students to go and do a bit of homework. At Peak Academy, very often in our interviews with students, we start off by asking them if they have done the research on the Route and what this Route requires. Throughout students schooling at Peak, every 6 months we go back to the drawing board to make sure all students are on track. We are constantly making sure that there are short term goals as well as long term goals and are always asking ourselves “are we meeting the short-term goals in order to meet the long term/end goals?”


One of these short-term goals involves students doing the homework and going to the universities, International University entrance qualifications, and asking about the right required subjects and whether their chosen combination of subjects will get them into that university. By doing this, students are guaranteed that what they are doing is where they are going.


At Peak, we don’t do combinations of subjects where students inherit subjects that they don’t want to do just because it is part of that combination. All students can choose a Route, and a combination of subjects that are offered within that Route. This way, the chosen Route and subjects become very unique to each student.


We have had many students within this Route that go overseas and study at a college. They have made it this far in life as we have given them the freedom of Tailor-making their own education and creating their own path to follow. Our Peak Online offering provides the same qualifications in an even more flexible manner through online learning.