The last Route in our 3 Route Structure is the Green Route. This Route was designed for students who wish to get a standard matric.


Students that choose the Green Route usually know exactly what they want to do after school, and 9 times out of 10 it does not involve going to a university.


The students within this Route are the ones who want to become entrepreneurs or they want to go and learn a trade. They are our very practical students and are very goal driven. A main goal of these students that we see is that they just want to get matric done because that is the hurdle to get to the next stage.


In this Route, students are required to do 6 GCSE subjects and there is no compulsory subject other than English – yes, no second language and no mathematics. Of these 6 GCSE subjects, students are required to move 2 of them to the AS level.


Our 3 Study Routes are unique to each student at Peak Academy as we allow them to have freedom in their choice of Route and subjects. We give them this freedom to prepare them for what life is like after school. By putting this Route Structure in place, we have had students travel and attend universities all over the world. We are amazed by each and every one of our students.


We take this journey with our students and what amazes us the most is seeing them flourish and grow into bright young students. The bird in our logo points to this exactly as it signifies our students. We allow them to soar, to have freedom and to have fun. Many students come to us with clipped wings, and it is our priority to unclip them and let them fly and explore. Our students are able to find themselves.