A popular argument that has been made in many schools around the country is whether having no school uniform and a relaxed dress code distracts students from their academics. On the contrary, we at Peak Academy Cape Town feel that allowing students freedom to choose what they wear to school is beneficial. 

Since Peak Academy started 5 years ago we have seen our students not only thrive in school and push themselves to  be the best they can be but we have seen them learn individuality, confidence and self-expression – 3 very important qualities beyond their school years. Without putting restrictions on what our students wear, they have learnt and are still learning to become comfortable in their own skin.  

Teenagers often struggle to express themselves, but allowing them to dress in their choice of clothing can help them show their individuality and can often show how they feel about themselves.

While, at Peak, developing skills and values are of utter importance, we don’t feel as though conformity is the goal of education. We help our students develop skills based abilities and critical thinking skills that help them become agents of change. We move from conformity to adaptability. We focus on and promote the development of individuality and preparing our students for life after school.

In all 5 years of not enforcing a strict dress code and a school uniform, we have never seen our students results decrease based on what they wear. We want our students to tailor make their education.