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Our Peak History

Our History

Peak Academy officially opened its doors on the 16th January 2015 on the first floor of a parking garage in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. We transformed what was an old parking garage / workshop into a rather unique learning space with tutor rooms, a study area, a lab and recreational area. Starting with only 35  students, numbers quickly tripled, depicting the growing demand for a place where students could flourish academically and as individuals.  Peak Academy was registered with the Western Cape Education Department in 2020 and later registered as a Cambridge International School. This has allowed us to offer IGCSE, AS and A level exams.

Peak Academy 2016

The founders of Peak Academy, Marc and Michelle Yates had a desire to provide a learning experience where students could be treated as individuals and be allowed to achieve an Internationally recognized matric. Marc has been involved with the International syllabus since 2002 and is passionate about working with teenagers and helping them to reach their full potential. You are extraordinary and can do extraordinary things is Marc's belief in all his students and teachers.

Peak Academy old building
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