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Junior Campus

The Mid Years Level

Grade 7,8,9

Our Mid Years level is designed to bridge the potential gap

between Grade 7 and Senior High School. 

Tamara Bright is the Head of Campus of our Mid Years level, she has experience in teaching Grade 4, all the way through to Matric. Tammy knows what is expected of Grade 7,  8 and 9's and how best to get them ready for their IGCSE phase of High School.

Tammy's big focus with her Mid Years students is to get them into the Cambridge routine, for them to understand time management and time on task. A big part of the Cambridge curriculum is critical thinking and Tammy is key to helping our Mid Years students thrive in such an environment.

Our Approach

We have become so accustomed to the way of education that it becomes difficult for parents to change the mindset that we can learn differently. It is often the parent that needs the most amount of convincing that there is an alternative to traditional-style education. Our approach is simple. We are seeing that the landscape of the working world is changing at an alarming rate. New careers and jobs are being created and entirely new sectors of business are being instituted. The question is, how do we get our school going children ready for the opportunities of the future? At Peak we believe that to do that we need to allow students the freedom to think. Teaching them to use the tools of critical thinking, problem solving, metacognition, time management and initiative-taking. In addition to allowing students to think, we give our students a sense of ownership around the work that needs to be completed. Offering a full picture at the onset. It is amazing to see how a student can change a mindset and attitude around work ethic when they know exactly what is expected of them using the British International Curriculum. We also realise that many of our students today do not want all the traditional functions of a regular high school. A Peak student will finish their studies and will know that they have been equipped not necessarily for a job in the big wide world but will know how to navigate their way to the top.

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